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to move channel tables between two different radios, you will need to use export/import features.

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Subject: [chirp_users] Programming Anytone mobile

Sorry if this topic has been beat to death.

  I just received my Anytone AT5888uv and am attempting to program it 
via Chirp.  I installed the USB driver from the CD, and apparently my 
computer can talk to the radio as I can clone from the radio into Chirp. 
What I want to do is load some existing Chirp files I have from my 
Baofeng UV5R radios onto the Anytone.  When I try to do so, the drop 
down box to upload the file won't move from the Baofeng.

Also, is it possible to export the Chirp file into the Anytone software?

Thanks for the help.


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