[chirp_users] AnyTone-AT-5888-UV & new HamTech licensee

Allen Shine shineallen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 20:00:34 PST 2013

Many thanks for the CHIRP Program, and some great CHIRP e-mail suggestions,
I'm all programmed and, surprisingly, communicating with other hams...Lotta
fun! (note, I tried, and didn't have much success using the AT programming
software)...being able to cut & paste is great!)...yes, I played the "port"
game & finally won!
*Question*:  *will CHIRP eventually be able to program AnyTone radio
settings  ?*...just asking.
Also, thanks for the *ease of using* CHIRP to program my BaoFeng UV-5R+
radios. (used in SAR)

*Thanks again, for all you guys at CHIRP...and all you do for us
newbies!Al   ...  "Ham" since October, 2013  ... KK6HLR...*& luving it!
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