[chirp_users] Regarding UV5R (F-11) and TDR Priority

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 8 14:55:16 PST 2013

I know this is straying off topic but as usual I'm off topic anyway...heh
But considering the popularity of this radio and using Chirp with it I
thought I'd make a brief comment. With Set menu item #34 TDR AB
setting it to OFF when switched it gives you a split second to tune the inactive
display  and tune it be it VFO or channel mode. If set to either
A or B, it is impossible to go from the priority A or B when active
to the other non-priority display. One example: if VFO A is on a constant
signal like the NWS 162.400 but you want to switch to and tune VFO B
you have a half a second before the focus switches back to A. As long 

as you keep tuning the focus will be B. As soon as you stop it jumps back
to A. This is in the #34 menu TDR AB = OFF menu. But now way you can
tune the other display if the priority is given to the opposite display. 
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