[chirp_users] Tuning step roadblock

ddubois woody2 at questiongravity.com
Sun Dec 8 13:21:34 PST 2013

I haven't done any side-by-side tests between the UV-5B and the IC-F14 
yet, but not being able to decode a 2-tone page signal is a big strike 
against the Baofeng right out of the gate. The F14 drives me a bit crazy 
not having a display, so you don't know which channel you're hearing 
during scan mode... so I was really wanting the Baofeng to have the same 
functionality and more. Bummer.

Thanks to all involved in creating and maintaining CHIRP... I had a 
remarkably short learning curve, esp. since Jim was so fast to reply to 
my bug.


On 12/8/2013 2:33 PM, Jim Unroe wrote:
> Doug,
> CHIRP will program a great number of brands and models of radios. Each 
> type or radio (or family of radios) needs a specific driver that 
> matches up to that radio's capabilities. CHIRP cannot make a radio do 
> something that is isn't capable of doing. In this case, the UV-B5 (or 
> any of the Chinese radios that I am familiar with) are not capable of 
> decoding a 2-tone page signal. So you won't see that functionality for 
> the UV-B5 in CHIRP.
> You will only be able to use a CTCSS tone or a DTCS code for selective 
> squelch operations. But be careful setting up a receive tone or code. 
> If you don't know how to do it properly, your settings could wind up 
> programming a channel that will never hear anything. Having no Rx 
> CTCSS tone or Rx DTCS code always work (but you may hear other station 
> on the channel that you may not want to).
> Jim KC9HI

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