[chirp_users] Tuning step roadblock

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 8 13:02:00 PST 2013

I took your frequencies,entered 156.2025 into the first cell of Chirp.
left everything else to the left of Duplex unchanged. I can enter 159.000
as the split offset and upload to the radio. Configured this way the radio
receives on 156.2025 and transmits on 159.000. Now, I can delete the template
and read anew from the radio. What is odd is the split offset turns into a + offset
of 2.797500. That still gives you 159.000 TX. I just thought it odd the radio would
return those settings. Also you question about the 2Tone decode. Unfortunately 
at least for the UV-5R I don't see a DTMF decode mode for squelch. And the squelch
value for your radio is probably the same as the UV-5R which is 0 - 9. I find a level
of 7 adequate. 

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Thanks Jim, that did the trick. I did figure out what "tuning step" meant around 3am, but didn't want to write back and admit that I was still up and obsessing over it :)  I'm glad I went to bed.

I have all my channels configured now, except for the "page"
      channel on the Icom that I wish to emulate in the Baofeng. In the
      Icom, the channel is muted until it receives a 2-tone page signal.
      I can see how it is set up in the Icom CS-F14 program, but I'm not
      finding any functionality like that in CHIRP. When I click on
      "Settings" in CHIRP, I only get a blank field. Can I do this in
      CHIRP? I see nothing in the wiki about functions like this.

And, perhaps similarly, in CS-F14 under Common>Set Mode there
      is a squelch value variable that has been set to 125. Is that
      something I need to set in the UV-B5?

Thanks much! Doug

On 12/8/2013 8:22 AM, Jim Unroe wrote:

On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 3:43 AM, ddubois <woody2 at questiongravity.com> wrote:
>>Here's what I'm stuck on. I took an image off the Baofeng
              to use as a
>>template. I'm trying to enter the RX freq of 156.2025 into
              the first
>>memory channel. When I do so, I get the error "Tuning step
              2.50 not
>>supported...Frequency requires 2.50kHz step." I need to
              configure the
>>channel to receive on 159.000, figured I'd set Duplex to
              Split and set
>>Offset to 159.000. I'll spare you all the work-arounds
              I've tried, and
>>the other errors I've seen, 'cause I'm starting to wonder
              if my radio
>>won't support this "step", and I'm left to wonder what the
              heck "Tune
>>step" and "channelize" are anyway? I've looked in the
              wiki, and done
>>some web searching, but so far no joy. Any light would be
              much appreciated!
>>Thanks much,
>>Doug, Kansas
>You are going about this in exactly the right way. Just use the older CHIRP daily that I pointed out earlier to get the job done. I have submitted a patch that will restore programming the UV-B5/B6 with CHIRP to a 2.5 KHz resolution and still fix the issue the previous patch was intended to address.
>Jim KC9HI
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