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Sun Dec 8 12:33:29 PST 2013

On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 3:05 PM, ddubois <woody2 at questiongravity.com> wrote:

>  Thanks Jim, that did the trick. I did figure out what "tuning step"
> meant around 3am, but didn't want to write back and admit that I was still
> up and obsessing over it :)  I'm glad I went to bed.
> I have all my channels configured now, except for the "page" channel on
> the Icom that I wish to emulate in the Baofeng. In the Icom, the channel is
> muted until it receives a 2-tone page signal. I can see how it is set up in
> the Icom CS-F14 program, but I'm not finding any functionality like that in
> CHIRP. When I click on "Settings" in CHIRP, I only get a blank field. Can I
> do this in CHIRP? I see nothing in the wiki about functions like this.
> And, perhaps similarly, in CS-F14 under Common>Set Mode there is a squelch
> value variable that has been set to 125. Is that something I need to set in
> the UV-B5?
> Thanks much! Doug


CHIRP will program a great number of brands and models of radios. Each type
or radio (or family of radios) needs a specific driver that matches up to
that radio's capabilities. CHIRP cannot make a radio do something that is
isn't capable of doing. In this case, the UV-B5 (or any of the Chinese
radios that I am familiar with) are not capable of decoding a 2-tone page
signal. So you won't see that functionality for the UV-B5 in CHIRP.

You will only be able to use a CTCSS tone or a DTCS code for selective
squelch operations. But be careful setting up a receive tone or code. If
you don't know how to do it properly, your settings could wind up
programming a channel that will never hear anything. Having no Rx CTCSS
tone or Rx DTCS code always work (but you may hear other station on the
channel that you may not want to).

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