[chirp_users] Tuning step roadblock

ddubois woody2 at questiongravity.com
Sun Dec 8 00:50:41 PST 2013

OOPS... sentence in the last paragraph should read:

I need to configure the channel to TRANSMIT on 159.000

On 12/8/2013 2:43 AM, ddubois wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I'm new to this realm, and have been lurking for a few days (you've been
> helpful already). I'm very stuck, and it's past 2am, so I'm gonna ask
> y'all so I can go to bed knowing I've done all I can do for one night.
> I'm a volunteer firefighter, trying to set up a new Baofeng UV-B5 just
> like the Icom IC-F14 that I was issued. This is both a trial on behalf
> of the department, and a learning experience for me as I study for my
> tech license. I don't need the ticket for my firefighter duties, but am
> finally going for it after wanting to do so for many years.
> I got a cable and software that allowed me to take an image off the
> Icom. Between that and radio info from the county, I should have all I
> need to set up the UV-B5 with Chirp. I think I'm fairly well along the
> path of figuring this out...?
> Here's what I'm stuck on. I took an image off the Baofeng to use as a
> template. I'm trying to enter the RX freq of 156.2025 into the first
> memory channel. When I do so, I get the error "Tuning step 2.50 not
> supported...Frequency requires 2.50kHz step." I need to configure the
> channel to receive on 159.000, figured I'd set Duplex to Split and set
> Offset to 159.000. I'll spare you all the work-arounds I've tried, and
> the other errors I've seen, 'cause I'm starting to wonder if my radio
> won't support this "step", and I'm left to wonder what the heck "Tune
> step" and "channelize" are anyway? I've looked in the wiki, and done
> some web searching, but so far no joy. Any light would be much appreciated!
> Thanks much,
> Doug, Kansas
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