[chirp_users] Programming PL into UV-5R

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 6 11:31:35 PST 2013

One thing I've found RX PL for is on both the police and fire
frequencies, the very loud and obnoxious repeater ID is not
transmitted with tone. So if you are kind of dozing off and all 

of a sudden you hear this dit dah dit dit dit dah dah dti dit
at about 100 decibels, listening with PL or DCS decode is
a must. Also like me with a high gain antenna 20 feet above the roof
I get other municipalities on one fire frequency. I don't want to hear
fire dispatch 50 miles away. especially when it's a big city and dispatch
is very active. So our FD for the county is on a unique tone and 

listening using PL decode is also a must. One more reason is 

even in amateur bands when the conditions are right we get
several VE repeaters. We then can turn on decode and the repeater
operator will turn encode on the output. So just to plain listen, no 

you don't need to use PL. But on shared frequencies or repeater ID
that you don't want to hear or the VE DX, you have to use it. 

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On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 6:23 AM, scott richardson <elmrich120966 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hey guys. I need a little help getting a PL into a frequency. Here is the frequency I want to do this on.
>Frequency- 154.78500
>Tone-465 DPL
>All my information came from Radiorefence.com . I'm not interested in transmitting just receiving. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Scott,

Here is the minimum that you have to do

Frequency: 154.785

Duplex: off

That's it. You never have to set PL (CTCSS) or DPL (DTCS) just to listen.

Optional things would be

Mode: NFM {UV-5R doesn't change any receiver settings for narrow/wide}

Skip: "S" to skip the channel when scanning


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