[chirp_users] Chirp and a blind interface

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As a blind ham, I would be grateful if software designers would just create user interfaces that conform to Microsoft programming standards in order that screen-reader software could reliably access those user interfaces.  As it is, we must find all kinds of work-arounds if we are able to use the software at all.

73   Bob   AD8RJ

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Tonight, eric oyen wrote:
Now, there are a few radios that a blind user can program without the 
program (like the ken wood ?-D700 or any other radio with a speech 
interface. Unfortunately, most of the chinese radios only speak the top 
level menu items, leaving us blind hams to have to read the instructions 
multiple times and try to follow them and hope we get it right. I would 
certainly like a way to return the firmware to make this more possible 
(and dump the chinese language speaking interface while at it). Not sure 
this can be done, but it would be a worthy project to undertake.

Unfortunately this isn't possible in CHIRP or any other consumer 
software.  It would take rewriting the firmware (and in your case, 
changing the speech interface) to make the radio do what you want, and I 
doubt seriously there are many that have that ability.


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