[chirp_users] Issues w/ getting UV-5R to communicate w/ CHIRP on a Mac

Milton Hywatt mhywattt at yahoo.com
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This is the only driver for Mountain Lion on up to 10.9 Mavericks that I've seen work. It's in Spanish
but if you have used the installer method you'll recognized the 4 or 5 steps. If not use a translator. 
But it's pretty simple because the installer is the same for any software or drivers written for OSX. 


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I'm relatively new to radios, and definitely new to the list - I throw myself at your mercy.

I'm trying to program a set of Baofeng UV-5Rs to use the Motorola frequencies used by a few other race teams we run with.  I'm using a Mac, OSX 10.8.5, and have already installed the PL2023 USB-Serial driver successfully (I believe).  I obtained the driver from: http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=229&pcid=41  I've also confirmed that the USB-serial driver appears to be installed correctly, as described here: http://plugable.com/2011/07/12/installing-a-usb-serial-adapter-on-mac-os-x

I now see '/dev/cu.usbserial' in the Port field when attempting to download from the radio (which I didn't see before installing the driver).  However, when I actually attempt to download, the 'Cloning' modal shows for a few seconds w/o progress, then I see the "Radio did not respond" error.  The USB cable is an "official" Baofeng cable that I received with the radios from a trusted reseller, and is definitely seated correctly.  I've tried using different USB ports, turning the radio on/off, restarting several times, etc. but just cannot get the radio to talk to my Mac.

I'm really hoping you guys can help; we have a race this weekend and if I can't get the comms working, I'm in a world of crap.


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