[chirp_users] Clone/Live radio mode support in CHIRP

Michael Pittaro mikeyp at lhrc.com
Mon Dec 2 17:31:40 PST 2013

On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 4:07 PM, Mike Agner <ka3jjz at comcast.net> wrote:
> Tonight, dsmith wrote:
> =========================
> <snip>
> Note that the support chart is really not meant for end-users, but could
> definitely be used by documentation writers to ensure that what they
> write matches the code.
> ========================
> To me, from a newcomer's perspective, this is a serious issue. Picture someone picking up a radio for the first time (never had one of these in their
> lives), and they come across this table from the link in the wiki. How are they supposed to understand all that without some sort of legend?
> As a certain pointed eared Starfleet officer would say, that's illogical. There's nothing to suggest floating a mouse over anything for a description. Perhaps
> that should be added to the sentence that introduces this table as an explanation. It would be better than nothing.
> I was thinking of pointing to this table in the individual radio articles so a newcomer could find out the basics about the radio - including whether this radio supported
> clone, live or file (what is that?) processing for updating their radio's memories. And since it's updated with each build, maintenance would be a snap. Now
> I'm not so sure that's the best way to go here.
> Mike

There's quite a bit of detail in the table, and it exposes some of the
internal Chirp implementation details.

If we can figure out what's most relevant to the end user, then it
should be possible to reformat that information to make it more
accessible to an end user.    What do you think the main attributes
are ?


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