[chirp_users] Clone/Live radio mode support in CHIRP

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Dec 2 12:31:19 PST 2013

> Tom it's obvious that you put a heckuva lot of work in putting this 
> together

The support chart is generated directly from the code during a build. It
represents exactly what each driver's code supports in terms of features.

> In fact looking at that table, there are a few columns there whose 
> meaning is not obvious. Might I suggest a legend to describe some of 
> these terms?

Mouse over the column heading and it will give you a description.

However, "mode" is not what you're looking for. Tom added a new field
for the clone mode, which will be in the support chart for tomorrow's
daily build.

Note that the support chart is really not meant for end-users, but could
definitely be used by documentation writers to ensure that what they
write matches the code.

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