[chirp_users] Clone/Live radio mode support in CHIRP

Mike Agner ka3jjz at comcast.net
Mon Dec 2 12:27:02 PST 2013

Today, Tom Hayward wrote:
It's this page, where we list all the other per-radio capabilities:

This is generated automatically as part of the build, so there's zero
maintenance effort required.

If you were to generate your wiki pages programatically from a
template, you could source the clone/live status the same way I do to
generate this page (see code in share/make_supported.py).

Tom it's obvious that you put a heckuva lot of work in putting this 
together, but I'm afraid there's one fly in the ointment (only one?? hi)

The MODE column says 'Yes/No'.  While it might be very obvious to 
experienced CHIRP folks, it's nowhere near explanatory without some sort 
of legend. Does 'Yes' mean 'Clone' while
'No' mean 'Live'?

In fact looking at that table, there are a few columns there whose 
meaning is not obvious. Might I suggest a legend to describe some of 
these terms?


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