[chirp_users] autoupdate of Chirp on Ubuntu

Mike Morrow
Thu Aug 29 21:10:38 PDT 2013

Ø  Your package index files are stale. Always run "apt-get update" before
"apt-get upgrade".


Trouble is, as was in the original (ornate) message, this was an AUTOMATIC
update.  I did not run anything.  I am not sure what to run to do an update
yet.  I have not gotten to that part of the book yet.  This window came up
and I let it run and that’s what it said

404  Not Found)


I did try the two command (with the required SUDO added in front) and they
did stuff.  


What I was trying to report that the automatic update failed.  


Thanks for the manual entries.  I can fall back on these when the automatic
fails again.



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