[chirp_users] Simply Amazing

Clint Bradford
Thu Aug 8 22:43:25 PDT 2013

I hadn't updated my mobile IC-208H in years, because that old laptop that I use for 
Motorola and Kenwood commercial stuff has the Icom program on it, but the 3.5" 
floppy drive quit working. So I could read and write with that old computer, but 
my new datafiles are elsewhere.

ANYWAY, CHIRP to the rescue. I dg up the IC-208 manual to see how to put the 
radio into CLONE mode. When CHIRP "failed" to read the radio, I though about 
quitting the project. But then I did something few us us forget to do: I read the 
online CHIRP docs. "Don't need to place that Icom rig into CLONE mode, Clint," the 
docs admonished me. "CHIRP and that Icom rig get along just fine - just read the radio ... "

And it worked. And I uploaded my FT-60R .img file to the '208. All is sync'd. All 
is peaceful. All was smooth ...

I am sorry that pittance that I donated last week was so small ... But I will donate 
a little more soon.

Thank you, CHIRP development team.

Clint Bradford K6LCS

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