[chirp_users] Programming Nightmares

John LaMartina
Tue Aug 6 17:58:51 PDT 2013


Using Miklor.com (the error message page) as a reference, is the cable snapped in completely?



John K3NXU








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Hi Everyone........I purchased a BF UV-5re+ 3 weeks ago and I don't believe I'm any closer  to getting the CHIRP pgm to run than the
day I unboxed the radio. I thought I had downloaded everything I needed from Miklor.......Drivers 2 0 1 2.....For Win XP......The
Win 32 bit software.... and the exe pgm..........When I enter the Programs file  I first open
CHIRP-Daily-20130802-Win32.zip.....then CHIRP-Daily-20130802-installer.exe........I then have a plank page appear with
file..edit..radio in the top line task bar....I click on radio then download from radio...A radio page appears I fill the boxes with
Port Com1..Vendor BaoFeng and model UV-5...I then click out of this page into a experimental driver warning page...I agree to that
and then enter the cloning process page when that is clicked out of I'm in an error page with a msg of RADIO DID NOT
RESPOND...........I find all this programming very disconcerting and confusing.  I wish the instructions were step by step as in
programming in the manual mode. But I need to master this programming to be able to download more complex RACES and local EOC and
disaster freqs. Jim can you help me again ????

M Schontz
k8fu at aol.com

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