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Daniel Nelson
Tue Aug 6 17:54:31 PDT 2013

On Aug 6, 2013, at 5:34 PM, M Schontz <k8fu at aol.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone........I purchased a BF UV-5re+ 3 weeks ago and I don't believe I'm any closer  to getting the CHIRP pgm to run than the day I unboxed the radio. I thought I had downloaded everything I needed from Miklor.......Drivers 2 0 1 2.....For Win XP......The Win 32 bit software.... and the exe pgm..........When I enter the Programs file  I first open CHIRP-Daily-20130802-Win32.zip.....then CHIRP-Daily-20130802-installer.exe........I then have a plank page appear with file..edit..radio in the top line task bar....I click on radio then download from radio...A radio page appears I fill the boxes with Port Com1..Vendor BaoFeng and model UV-5...I then click out of this page into a experimental driver warning page...I agree to that and then enter the cloning process page when that is clicked out of I'm in an error page with a msg of RADIO DID NOT RESPOND...........I find all this programming very disconcerting and confusing.  I wish the instructions were step by step as in programming in the manual mode. But I need to master this programming to be able to download more complex RACES and local EOC and disaster freqs. Jim can you help me again ????
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I use a Mac or Linux machine for programming my radios, so I apologize if the terminology I use is slightly wrong—I'm working from 6+ year-old memories of those dark days of Windows. With that said, here are some suggestions:

1) Make sure COM1 is really the port that your USB->Serial adapter (or programing cable) is using. I recall USB adapters usually using higher COM ports. You can check by going into the Device Manager (right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Manage". Find the adapter from the list and look around on its Properties page to find the COM port.

2) Remember that the Prolific-based USB->serial adapters are assigned a different COM port if you plug them into a different USB port on your computer, so either always use the same port or always check what the COM port is. Annoying!

3) Try with the Baofeng software. If you can get that to work, you know that the serial connection is working, and you have won the hardest battle. Getting CHIRP working once your serial port is set up right is usually easy.

Daniel Nelson

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