[chirp_users] UV5R roger beep/again.

Mon Aug 5 20:39:28 PDT 2013

Many of the ham repeaters in my area use the roger beep or some form of coutesy tone, they work great. I wish these little radios had selectable courtesy tones. I also have 2 gmrs reapeaters up, one close and one that is far near work. Both have different inputs and same output. The only small problem is the hang time on having  two repeaters cross talk. A poor mans way of extending the system without having links.

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ok.  get the pix, i think.  the roger beep comes at the end of the transmission, (as i understand it). 

this is exactly what i want. 

this is a non ham   part 20 application. 

i have 8 ht's  (and more on the way) that because of location can only operate thru one repeater.  basically this is a single channel operation, i don't need or want to access the second repeater, only monitor it to minimize interference. 
in additional, these are occasional type operators with low radio skills.  the beep tone should enable them to turn over the transmission, with out saying over, come back etc. 
also, those on  the other repeater should  be aware that the transmissions are not for them 

thanks for the help.  think i have hat i need. 

73  jim  kf8sj 
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