[chirp_users] UV5R+ and chirp trouble

Ted Wrobel twrobel at tacticaltech.com
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Not sure this applies but I think some of the Chinese radios do not honor
the + - convention. I believe you need to enter both the desired receive and
the transmit frequencies. The display of +- simply shows that it is offset,
not the direction.
Hope this helps.


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Hello.  My Uv5R build 291 will not save offset frequency and + or -.   I
have read the FAQ showing that if this happens, you have to delete the line
and add it again. This does not work. 
I have even started with a Fresh reset, new IMG file, Added one and only one
line manual with chirp.  Programmed radio, memory line shows up in the radio
but the - and + are lit up at the same time and there is no offset when I
key up.  
My friends UV5R with build 297 does the exact same thing.  One line manual
or 128, They all read -+ at sametime.  He said he gave up on trying to fix
Any suggestions? I am sure this has to be something simple I am overlooking.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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