[chirp_users] Puxing 777 Plus shows "out of range"

Deirdre Hebert deirdre at deesigned.net
Wed Apr 24 14:19:54 PDT 2013

Some radios have programmable frequency limits. For example, the Baofeng 
UV-5R lets you set the upper and lower limits of both the UHF and VHF 
ranges. If your radio has an upper limit on the VHF band set to 146.900, 
that would cause it to report those two frequencies as out of range.

Deirdre Hebert, AB1ST

On 4/24/2013 4:05 PM, Daniel Nelson wrote:
> When trying to either import CSV/CHIRP files or just writing the data 
> read from the radio back to it, CHIRP tells me that my frequencies are 
> out of range. It's a 2m radio, and it's telling me that 146.970 and 
> 147.000 are outside of the allowed range. I tried using both the 
> latest released version and the 20130411 nightly. I'm on OS X 10.8.2 
> if it matters.
> Does anyone have a hint as to where to look to fix this?
> The CSV is below:
> Location,Name,Frequency,Duplex,Offset,Tone,rToneFreq,cToneFreq,DtcsCode,DtcsPolarity,Mode,TStep,Skip,Comment,URCALL,RPT1CALL,RPT2CALL
> 1,K6MVR,147.000000,-,0.600000,TSQL,136.5,136.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 2,KE6YUV,146.970000,-,0.600000,Tone,123.0,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 3,W6AK,146.910000,-,0.600000,Tone,162.2,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 4,N1PPP,146.775000,-,0.600000,Tone,103.5,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 5,N6NMZ,146.760000,-,0.600000,Tone,131.8,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 6,N6QDY,147.255000,+,0.600000,Tone,123.0,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 9,CALLING,146.520000,,0.000000,,88.5,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 10,APRSRAW,144.390000,,0.000000,,88.5,88.5,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
> 11,APRSVOC,144.390000,,0.000000,TSQL,100.0,100.0,023,NN,FM,5.00,,,,,,
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