[chirp_users] Can't receive from Icom T70A using CHIRP 0.3.1

Steve Bosshard (NU5D) bosshard at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 11:47:14 PDT 2013

FWIW - I downloaded CHIRP last Sunday afternoon.  Connected to a T70.
Chirp did not recognize the radio model.  Once I clicked T70 is was smoothe
sailing.  Using a serial cable and an USB / Com port converter.  nu5d

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 1:02 PM, Dane Ronnow <dane at daneronnow.com> wrote:

> Having trouble with CHIRP and an Icom T70A HT. When I try to download from
> the radio, I get an error "Failed to communicate with the radio: unexpected
> response from the radio."
> The software works fine with a Baofeng UV-5R, firmware v297.
> Here's what I'm using:
> Quality FTDI cables for both radios (from Valley Enterprises).
> Version 2.08.28 driver for 32-bit Windows XP (from ftdichip.com).
> CHIRP v0.3.1.
> I installed the driver and software. In Device Manager, the COM port is 4
> with the Icom cable; 3 with the Baofeng cable.
> With the Baofeng, I plugged the cable into the radio, then into the
> computer, turned on the radio, then launched the software. When I download
> from radio, I set the port to COM3, the select the radio and model.
> Progress bar opens and LED on the radio blinks green as the data is
> downloaded.
> I can make changes, upload, etc. All is good with the UV-5R.
> Basically same process with the Icom T70:
> I plug the cable into the radio first, then into the computer. I verify
> COM port in Device Manager, which is 4 with the Icom cable. I power on the
> radio, then launch the software. I select receive from radio, then select
> COM4 from the popup menu, Icom, T70.
> The progress bar pops up momentarily, then the error message, "Failed to
> communicate with the radio: unexpected response from the radio."
> Any ideas?
> I'm thinking of trying an earlier release of CHIRP, though I would hate to
> see the Icom able to connect, but not the Baofeng. Out of the two radios,
> the Baofeng is the one that needs the software programming capability the
> most.
> Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.
> Dane
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