[chirp_users] Can't receive from Icom T70A using CHIRP 0.3.1

Dane Ronnow dane at daneronnow.com
Wed Apr 10 11:02:16 PDT 2013

Having trouble with CHIRP and an Icom T70A HT. When I try to download from 
the radio, I get an error "Failed to communicate with the radio: unexpected 
response from the radio."

The software works fine with a Baofeng UV-5R, firmware v297.

Here's what I'm using:

Quality FTDI cables for both radios (from Valley Enterprises).
Version 2.08.28 driver for 32-bit Windows XP (from ftdichip.com).
CHIRP v0.3.1.

I installed the driver and software. In Device Manager, the COM port is 4 
with the Icom cable; 3 with the Baofeng cable.

With the Baofeng, I plugged the cable into the radio, then into the 
computer, turned on the radio, then launched the software. When I download 
from radio, I set the port to COM3, the select the radio and model. 
Progress bar opens and LED on the radio blinks green as the data is 

I can make changes, upload, etc. All is good with the UV-5R.

Basically same process with the Icom T70:

I plug the cable into the radio first, then into the computer. I verify COM 
port in Device Manager, which is 4 with the Icom cable. I power on the 
radio, then launch the software. I select receive from radio, then select 
COM4 from the popup menu, Icom, T70.

The progress bar pops up momentarily, then the error message, "Failed to 
communicate with the radio: unexpected response from the radio."

Any ideas?

I'm thinking of trying an earlier release of CHIRP, though I would hate to 
see the Icom able to connect, but not the Baofeng. Out of the two radios, 
the Baofeng is the one that needs the software programming capability the 

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.


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