[chirp_users] Image frequency policy

Dean Gibson AE7Q data at ae7q.net
Tue Apr 2 10:18:38 PDT 2013

Oops, it was supposed to be private!  Oh well!

On 2013-04-02 10:09, Dean Gibson AE7Q wrote:
> I've sent this privately to avoid "polluting" the public thread. I 
> haven't followed this very closely, but:
>  1. As I understand it, this guy doesn't really understand "image"
>     frequency reception.
>  2. From his last message, I think he will "continue the fight",
>     perhaps on other forums.
> So, I'd suggest a policy statement on your web site, something like:
> /Chirp will not accept or support modifications that may cause a radio 
> to actually operate (including receive) on a frequency or in a mode 
> that is different than the frequency or mode displayed.  Such 
> modifications may cause users to operate on a frequency or in a mode 
> that they do not intend.  Discussions on this matter are considered 
> "off-topic" for the mailing list./
> Sincerely, Dean

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