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I agree...  In the brand-specific forums, it has been repeatedly stated that these out of band frequency display mods do absolutely nothing to add functionality to a radio   even if these mods did do anything other than display a number onscreen, rarely would anyone be legally authorized to operate there.  Scanners exist for listening purposes.  

To avoid perpetuating this off topic thread, this will also be my last comment.

Apologies for not trimming quoted material.  Windows phone editors Suck!

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Hi Andre,

I hope this can be our last discussion on this topic.

> The only problem I "see" is the fact that despite chirp allows us
> to "unlock" baofeng, for example (I can set the range from 1 to
> 1000mhz), it won't allow me to save those freqs in memory!

At this point, the mainline version of CHIRP will not gain support for
programming frequency ranges that the hardware is known not to support.
I have seen no compelling evidence that any version of the hardware is
capable of anything outside the range that CHIRP currently supports
(aside from the 220MHz variant). Until I do, the current functionality
will remain.

You have brought this up multiple times in multiple places and we
have repeatedly explained that we have no interest in features
that may be at best useless and at worst damaging. Please, lets put
this topic to rest.


Dan Smith
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