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John LaMartina ☀ JohnLa at usa.net
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Unless absolutely necessary, do not set Tones on your receive.
Most repeaters that require a tone for access do not transmit a tone back.
I only set tones on my transmit.

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On Oct 17, 2012, at 4:33 PM, Dave Gomberg <dave1 at wcf.com> wrote:

> I am a bit confused.  I think I have set all my channels to send a PL 
> tone and to squelch unless the same tone is  received.
> Some radios call these CT and RT.  My CHIRP settings are:
> Tone Mode is Tone for all (except a couple of simplex 
> channels),  Tone and Tone SQL are set, Cross Mode is Tone->Tone
> I need a bit of doc for these fields.   Here are some of my guesses:
> Tone Mode:   Tone means CT+RT, None means neither, TSQL means 
> RT,  DTCS means digital squelch(?), Cross means ????
> Tone is CT frequency,
> ToneSQL is RT frequency.
> Cross Mode is ?????
> Is this all written down somewhere in the Wiki???
> Please help.
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