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Paul C. tenorman1952 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 13 14:39:52 PDT 2012

"My problem with version 251 is it will not hold VFOs and bounce back and forth even when radio is in the lock mode.    You may TX one minute on VFO A and next time TX on VFO B, wrong freq."

This is easy.  The "Dual Watch" function is doing that.  The radio switches automatically to whichever line, A or B, has radio traffic, or even just noise that breaks squelch.  It drive me nuts at first, too.  You need to turn this function off.

Set Menu 7 to Off, like this.

Press Menu, then 7.

Press Menu, then 0.

Press Menu (the radio says "Confirm")

Press Exit.

Or, if you want to do this with CHIRP:

Below where it says Memories on the left side, click Settings, Advanced Settings, uncheck Dual Watch, then upload back to the radio.

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