[chirp_users] Quick followup questions re: Mac setup

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Thu Oct 11 20:23:29 PDT 2012

Hi Matt,

Working backward:
You don't have a serial port until it shows up as a device in /dev/
If you have a driver correctly installed (usually requires rebooting,
without heavy command line magic) then it will be created automatically
when the cable is plugged in to a USB port.

I have no idea where you are technically, you say you're new to Mac.
Terminal gives you a unix shell command line. OS X is built on top of
a variant of unix. If this discussion goes on, it might help to know
what version of OS X you're running, and your computer background.

Open the Terminal app, which will be found in /Applications/Utilities.
There will be a prompt. Mine is customized, and I no longer remember
what the default looks like, lets say it's %

Assuming the leading % is the prompt provided by Terminal, type:
%   ls /dev/cu* <return>
This will print the paths (names) of all the serial ports currently available.
If you have one that isn't bluetooth, see if it goes away and comes
back when you plug and unplug the USB cable. If so, that's your guy.

To tell Chirp about it, select it from the list in the popup dialog for
upload/download. If it exists, it should show up there.

If you don't have a serial device in /dev/cu* corresponding to your cable,
you're not ready for Chirp. I googled around and found Edgeport USB serial
devices at http://www.digi.com/products/usb/edgeport#models, and I think the
driver info for yours is at

But that lists drivers for ten versions of Windows, three of Solaris,
and mentions that linux might be available for download.
But no mention of drivers for Mac OS X.

Where did you get yours, and what did you use for installation instructions?


On Oct 11, 2012, at 6:18 PM, Matthew J. Mason - mason.matthew.j at gmail.com <+chirp+cordless+21e5df03ee.mason.matthew.j#gmail.com at spamgourmet.com> wrote:

> Thanks Dan - A quick follow-up:
> You probably need to install the driver. See http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/MacOS_Tips
> Done - thanks.
> Use System Information -> USB to find your cable in the USB device tree. If it's a Prolific device, you can try the open source driver mentioned on that page...
> What's the syntax I need to use in Chirp to point it to the cable?  What you're looking at below is what System Information is reporting for the USB-to-Serial cable I'm using (Edgeport/1), plugged into a USB hub.  But none of these elements seems to work as a port address in Chirp.  (I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious...any help is appreciated.)
> Edgeport/1:
> Product ID:	0x0215
> Vendor ID:	0x1608  (Inside Out Networks
> Version:	 0.01  
> Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/sec
> Manufacturer:	Inside Out Networks
> Location ID:	0xfd136000 / 6
> Current Available (mA):	500
> Current Required (mA):	Unknown (Device has not been configured)

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