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mike agner ka3jjz1 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 9 18:23:07 PDT 2012

>/  I open a new template using 'NEW', then Click 'Radio', 'Query Data
/>/  Source', then 'RadioReference.com'. I then fill in the signin screen,
/>/  put in my user name, password and zip code, then hit 'OK' - and that's
/>/  where it dies. No screens, no message, nothing.
I just did exactly this with zipcode 98335 and got a list of
frequencies for Pierce County, Washington, just as it should. What
zipcode did you use? Maybe nothing was returned, or something
unsupported was returned. Your debug log will tell.


Aha, now this makes sense Tom. This means that the import is actually more closely related to what Uniden's Home Patrol does - it extracts
data for a given zip code. The zip code in the signin form is very poorly worded - it should be much more explicit that this is the
zip code for which you want to download data.

This is completely different from what the web service does for the various scanners - and is more reason to document this a bit more fully.

Much thanks...Mike

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