[chirp_users] How to use RadioReference import?

mike agner ka3jjz1 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 9 16:52:20 PDT 2012

It's probably quite obvious, but maybe not - I've reactivated my 
RadioReference subscription, and the transaction went smoothly. I can 
sign onto the web service using FreeScan (popular freeware software for 
the Uniden DMA Scanners), but Chirp just dies when I try.

I open a new template using 'NEW', then Click 'Radio', 'Query Data 
Source', then 'RadioReference.com'. I then fill in the signin screen, 
put in my user name, password and zip code, then hit 'OK' - and that's 
where it dies. No screens, no message, nothing.

I'd like to put a blurb on the wiki on how to sign in, but so far, it's 
a no-go...

What am I missing? I'm using the Sept 19 build.


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