[chirp_users] need some info re th-f6a

Guy Teague accts at gtweb.org
Sat Oct 6 00:50:45 PDT 2012

hi folks: i looked through the chirp site before posting this, but didn't
find much specific. i see there was an issue/bug opened for the th-f6a
reporting as a th-f6 and my daily build of chirp (i might be a couple of
'days' behind) reports as such, but the bug appears to have been resolved
about 8-12 months ago. it was Bug #19: TH-F6A support not working in recent
builds. it appears everything else (with the below exceptions) seems to
work as expected, but i don't have any comparison to bump against.

anyway, the first thing i did since this radio works with chirp completely
unlike any of my other radios in a sort of 'real time' mode (it almost
seems like virtual control is already 95% working and i was surprised that
it wasn't implemented nor was a menu config function) was to read the radio
and export out to csv. but i don't understand what the last 3 columns are:
| URCALL |, | RPT1CALL | and  | RPT2CALL |. granted, it's a new radio and
my first kenwood in many years, but i've been through the manual pretty
thoroughly twice now and did a google search as well and can't come up with
any info on these columns. it could always be some function(s) that i would
never use and i glossed over them.

also, on a more serious note, when i tried to import some info from one of
my other radios (after formatting it for the f6a), chirp refused to process
the lines that had mode as 'FMN'. at first i was surprised as i had
(ass)umed that the kenwood would do narrow fm, and in fact it does support
nfm, but not at the same time as regular fm--a disappointing fact but at
least the mode is there to activate. i think this would be an easy fix in
that i could just change all instances of NFM to FM in my csv file, but i
was curious as to why chirp would not recognize this mode from this radio?

thanks! /guy (73 de kg5vt)
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