[chirp_users] 857D problem

Joseph Skoler jrskoler at yahoo.com
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Still not working, but I've closed in on exactly what's going on.

When I program the radio using Chirp, and look on the radio at the settings for the 
individual memory locations, incorrect info is in the tone frequency 
(menu 83).  What's there is various text like VHF- or 50-RM -- all stuff that 
shouldn't be there.  That's how it's getting loaded into the radio 
instead of the specific CTCSS tone.

If I program the radio directly, or correct the CTCSS tone on a memory uploaded into the radio from Chirp, it works.

Any ideas on how that could be happening and what I can do to fix it?

Thank you,


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I just installed Chirp to program my new 857D.  The interface/cable is working fine -- able to download/upload memories to/from the radio.

My problem is that none of the UHF/VHF memories work on the rig if they're programmed using Chirp.

That is, they're in memory and I can receive on them just fine.  But, transmitting does not appear to work -- cannot key up the repeaters.

I have quadruple checked the offset direction/amount as well as the PL.

The 10 meter memory entries work fine.

I have an SWR meter on the HF antenna port and it moves a tiny amount when I'm transmitting on a memory channel programmed to a VHF or UHF frequency, as if it's putting the signal out the HF port.

When I program the memories manually everything works fine.

What am I doing wrong?

thank you,

Joseph, kc2yu
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