[chirp_users] can't upload to 2820

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Mar 19 07:32:56 PDT 2012

> Unless someone else has suggestions on other things to try, or on how to
> debug this, I'm not sure what to do next (other than test with the
> motherboard's serial port when my cable shows up).

I'd be highly interested in the behavior of the onboard connector, as
well as that of a USB-to-serial port if you happen to have one you could

We could also try artificially slowing down the Icom programming loop if
you want, which might mirror the behavior of the VM. However, I think
I'd prefer not to commit that and slow everyone else down, since you're
the first person I've ever heard about with this problem. Still, at 9600
baud (non-hispeed mode) it surely seems like it'd be hard to push it too

Out of curiosity, does dmesg indicate that they're 16550A ports, 8250,
or what?

Dan Smith

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