[chirp_users] FT-2800 and Kawamall cable

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Thu Mar 8 16:01:37 PST 2012

> I have been attempting to use Chirp (both W7 and Ubuntu platforms) and
> am unable to achieve any transfer.  I open Chirp and the download menu,
> set Com1, Yaesu, and 2800 >> then set the 2800 by pressing the 3 clone
> buttons >>   when I press the MHz button, the 2800 responds with "error"
>  Trying to engage  Chirp first results in s "no header" error.  I know
> the com1 port is working as I use it regularly for other programs and I
> have used the cable and the trial version of g4hfq prog.  Any thoughts
> would be appreciated.

Which version of chirp?

The radio should already be in clone mode before clicking OK on the
clone settings box in chirp. Once you see the empty progress bar, then
you can initiate the transfer from the radio side.

I don't have a 2800 but I know they are extremely picky. Maybe one of
the other 2800 owners here can comment.

Dan Smith

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