[chirp_users] VX5 trouble

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Wed Mar 7 06:40:22 PST 2012

> Possibly. My hunch is that there is some other sort of read error on
> the memory, so it's skipping the whole channel. I've been using Chirp
> for quite some time with the VX5 and the first time I had this problem
> was also the first time I tried programming a NFM / half-deviation
> memory.

That's not likely the case, as the yaesu radios use a checksum at the
end to make sure that the image was received entirely. Further, if they
try to read a block that never comes, they'll NAK the transfer and bail.

> I'll clarify: After this point, I was never able to successfully
> upload my previous img (180+ channels programmed). I was only able to
> upload a new mostly blank img. Neither my "backup" image from last
> week, or my newer one with the NFM channels will load, only the mostly
> blank image (I need to try adding thing to the empty image to see
> if/when it breaks).

Okay, from my experience, the yaesu radios will accept whatever garbage
you send them and only do minor checking at the very end (like the
checksum). Icom radios will barf as soon as you send them even a
slightly incorrect block.

> I definitely need to do some in-depth poking. The first thing I'd like
> to confirm is the half-deviation bit. All I know is that I've been
> using Chirp for months successfully, and now have catastrophic failure
> after using the half-deviation feature for the first time :)
> To the innocent bystanders on the list: I would avoid using the VX5's
> NFM / half-deviation mode with Chirp until I research this a bit more.
> Or, if you're adventurous, try it and report your findings!

Lets move the technical discussion over to chirp_devel to avoid boring
folks with talk of bits and bytes. Certainly usage reports are welcome
here, though.


Dan Smith

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