[chirp_users] Schedule for Support of Radios

Mon Jul 23 06:38:44 PDT 2012

I am the Emergency coordinator for our County ARES.  I have the 
following radios that need to have a common set of frequencies 
programmed into them:

VX-5R - Supported
FT-857D - Supported
FT-897D - Not Supported
FT-8800R - Supported
FT-7900R - Not Directly Supported (Programs as an FT-7800R)
FT-2800M - Supported
TS-2000(x) - Not Supported
KG-UV6X - Not Supported
FT-60R - Supported

I have long said the ALL radio manufacturers should be required to have 
a common dataset for programming their radios.  Lo and Behold, I have 
found CHIRP!

If the not supported radios listed above could be added, my life would 
be so much easier!

While I do not have spare radios to loan, I can willingly be a Beta Tester.


Dennis, KG4RUL
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