[chirp_users] field questions

IZ3GME Marco
Thu Jul 19 23:47:51 PDT 2012

Hi Dave

> I just started using chirp and it works great. I have two questions
> though. I want to skip over some channels while in scan mode. I put an
> "S" in the skip field assuming that's what it meant but it does not skip.

You are right: the "S" in the skip field means "skip it".
Although you see the column in chirp interface you have to know that, 
may be,  the specific driver for your radio can be incomplete and not 
support it or you can have found a bug ... well ... it happens ;)
Which radio model are you using?

> My second question is regarding special channels checkmark. What does
> this do?

It enables the display of special channels if the radio has some (and 
the driver support them).
I mean special as "different than normal memory" and, typically, radio 
model specific; eg. for the ft817 we support PMS, home frequencies, 
current VFOs and 60m energency channels.

73 de IZ3GME Marco

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