[chirp_users] Where do I find chirpw.exe.log ??

Boris Korzun drTr0jan at yandex.ru
Sun Jan 22 16:38:17 PST 2012

23.01.2012, 02:33, "Dan Smith" <dsmith at danplanet.com>:
>>  I had reported about this problem at 22 September 2011 (
>>  http://intrepid.danplanet.com/pipermail/chirp_users/2011-September/001406.html
>>  ) and Dan has opened the issue - http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/12
>>  . But it has been closed later.
> No, you reported debug.log, which is no longer stored in Program Files
> as of some daily version months ago.
> He's asking about chirpw.exe.log, which is something that the Py2Exe
> environment creates by itself and I have no control over, as far as I
> know. I don't believe it gets created unless there's an error that needs
> to be logged there.

It's a similar problem. Windows Vista/Seven forbids to wirite any user data to the Program Files subfolders on default. But chirpw.exe.log is a user data.
It's would be cool you will move the chirpw.exe.log file to the %LOCALAPPDATA% or %TEMP% directory.

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