[chirp_users] FT-817ND Howto?

Kurt Savegnago ksaves2 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 22 14:57:26 PST 2012


  That worked.  Modified the .img and did the reverse.  Got chirp ready to transfer the modified img file and hit the C button on the 817 and then did an upload to the 817.
Both units showed a progression during the transfer but there was no beep or any
indication the transfer was successful.  Restarted the 817 and the rig was reset to the 
baseline.  Fortunately, I didn't have but 3 frequencies in it but all the parameters I had set are gone.  I had the thing download from the rig just fine and I saved the .img file
but it won't write to the 817.

                                                  Kurt KC9LDH

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> Can anyone direct me to the howto for the 817? I tried putting my ND in
> clone mode as the source and clicked on chirp to read from but get a com
> error. I tried a rate of 38400 and 4800 on the ND with error indications
> from chirp.

You need to put the radio into clone mode, then go to Radio->Download, 
choose Yaesu, FT-817ND, and then hit okay. Once CHIRP is waiting, then 
hit the A key on the radio to start the transfer. I believe if you do 
this sequence properly, it should work. I didn't write the driver, but 
I've had no problems with it downloading.

Dan Smith
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