[chirp_users] FT8900R Upload Issue

Jim Yates jim at wg5jim.net
Mon Feb 27 20:11:40 PST 2012

It looks like a Mac issue.    The same radio and cable, works under Win 7 with the daily build from the 27th.   It's a pain to use Windows.   I don't have good setup for running Windows on my laptop.   Are there any more debug options for use with the Mac?

On Feb 27, 2012, at 7:28 PM, Dan Smith wrote:

>> Yes, the radio shows clone rx, before I hit ok.   I'll try waiting 
>> longer with the radio in clone rx Before hitting ok.
> Hmm, well, that should be good then. I'm just not sure what to think,
> given that it downloads just fine (and thus, is obviously communicating
> with the radio). The download code is shared among the 7800, 8800, and
> 8900 and I know for a fact of a few other folks using those radios with
> current builds.
> I know this is as blasphemous of a request to you (a mac person) as it
> would be to me (a linux person), but do you have access to a windows
> machine to test with? It would just be good to show that the cable,
> radio, and code are all working on that well-tested platform and maybe
> narrow it down to an issue only when running on MacOS.
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