[chirp_users] Icom 92AD cable

James E. Wells (KDØAJZ) kd0ajz at comcast.net
Mon Feb 27 19:01:27 PST 2012

That is how I got mine. It was in the box with the software. However I am 
not real sure but I think you can buy one separate. I also had to buy 
another cable since my computer only has USB ports. So I had to get the 
cable that converts the RS232 cable to USB. Don't know if by now they have 
one for just a USB. I have not looked. I know that the software and cable 
are high priced. I was just lucky that at the time I had the money to buy 
the radio, software and GPS mike. Then I had to go buy the other cable.

Not sure that is good news but that is all I know. I have had my radio about 
4 years.


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I have a question for those of you using the Icom 92AD  with Chirp....

Did you have to buy the Icom software package RS92 just to get the USB cable


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