[chirp_users] FT8900R Upload Issue

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Feb 27 17:28:36 PST 2012

> Yes, the radio shows clone rx, before I hit ok.   I'll try waiting 
> longer with the radio in clone rx Before hitting ok.

Hmm, well, that should be good then. I'm just not sure what to think,
given that it downloads just fine (and thus, is obviously communicating
with the radio). The download code is shared among the 7800, 8800, and
8900 and I know for a fact of a few other folks using those radios with
current builds.

I know this is as blasphemous of a request to you (a mac person) as it
would be to me (a linux person), but do you have access to a windows
machine to test with? It would just be good to show that the cable,
radio, and code are all working on that well-tested platform and maybe
narrow it down to an issue only when running on MacOS.

Dan Smith

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