[chirp_users] Screen Shot of Chirp

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Feb 27 12:15:30 PST 2012

> Second time around it worked just fine. Everything was in the menu boxes and 
> it exported without any problems. In fact it was a little smoother than 
> before. I think I might have caused it to give that error.
> It closed down and when I started it back up it read the radio with no 
> problem at all. I did have to turn the GPS off. Which I do not understand. 
> But I did and it worked great. Now if I can edit the Exported files and then 
> Import them back to the radio I will have done what I wish to accomplish.
> This build seems to work better than the others to me.

Hmm, okay, well, that's good news.. I think :)

Let me know if it crops up again. Since you sent the first mail, I've
been pounding on my 92AD and can't get it to fail.

Dan Smith

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