[chirp_users] ICOM 92AD

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Feb 27 06:28:46 PST 2012

> I loaded up the latest daily on Windows 7. I see the same issue with
> menus not being populated until you scroll over them with the mouse
> as James is seeing with Vista.  It also happens with the data
> windows. They appear to be blank after reading the radio until you
> move over them with the mouse. A gtk issue in Windows?

Yeah, it seems to be GTK versions at least >= 2.22, but the old version
I was using with Python 2.5 was working fine. That version is not
supported in 2.7, so I may have to build a 2.6 environment just so I can
run a suitably old version of gtk. Argh.

Dan Smith

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