[chirp_users] ICOM 92AD

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Sun Feb 26 15:57:55 PST 2012

> So I was trying to find out if my GPS was turned on and was going to turn it 
> off so that I could use Chirp to program my radio. However I only have the 
> top of the list radio showing with the current build and when I uninstall it 
> and go back to the version I had it has all the brands of radios but will 
> not find my particular radio. Which is why I said that someone had told me 
> to turn the GPS off and it would work.

Yep, I understand all that. I'm telling you that there were some known
issues in the current release with your radio. I'm also trying to
determine why you are only seeing alinco radios in the current build. If
you can help with the data collection then hopefully we can get your
issue worked out.

Can you send me a screenshot of your download box that only shows some

Also, can you please send me your debug.log file? Instructions on how to
do that are:

1. Go to start->run
2. Type %APPDATA%\CHIRP and click OK
3. Copy the debug.log file somewhere and attach it to your email

Dan Smith

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