[chirp_users] Howto install daily builds?

Ed Stewart / KB3WRX stewart.ed at comcast.net
Thu Feb 23 14:56:12 PST 2012

Thanks everyone, it is up and running, no problem. Under radio I now see 
857D, so now after getting off this kidney Dialysis machine I can hook 
up the radio and see if it works. Ed

On 02/23/12 14:30, Ed Stewart-KB3WRX wrote:
> Ok, Thank you!! I was under the assumption that the daily build was an 
> add on and not a complete package. I will give it a new try.  I am 
> used to doing everything with .DEB files and have not done much with 
> tar files. Ed
> On 02/23/12 12:13, Robert Terzi wrote:
>> On 2/23/2012 11:09 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>>>> Yes there is no problem downloading it or installing the release, what I
>>>> wanted to know is how to install the daily builds after downloading
>>> Eh? You have no problem installing but want to know how to install? I'm
>>> confused :)
>> It's probably worth stating that trying the daily builds under
>> linux is best done from a terminal window (a command line session).
>> It's possible to do with with a graphical file manager, but is easier
>> from the command line.  On linux, daily build don't need to be installed
>> so there will be no menu entry or desktop launch icon.
>> 1. Download the daily build to some place in your home directory (or even /var/tmp)
>> 2. make a new, clean temporary directory for the daily build
>> 3. cd into that directory and use tar to unpack the daily build there.
>> 4. Run the daily build by typing ./chirpw.  The ./ is important to run
>> the chirpw in the current directory and not a previous version that got
>> installed on the system in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin
>> Hope this helps,
>> --Rob
>>> The daily builds are complete. Just extract the tar.gz, which will
>>> create a versioned directory as a result. Go in there and run chirpw
>>> manually, or do the normal install process as you would with any release.
>>> I would recommend not installing the daily builds into your system, just
>>> because python's distutils doesn't make it easy to uninstall things, and
>>> since the daily builds could change so much day to day.
>>> It's pretty easy to just run chirpw from within the daily directory that
>>> the tarball extraction creates.
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