[chirp_users] Howto install daily builds?

Robert Terzi rct at r-t.org
Thu Feb 23 09:13:04 PST 2012

On 2/23/2012 11:09 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> Yes there is no problem downloading it or installing the release, what I
>> wanted to know is how to install the daily builds after downloading
> Eh? You have no problem installing but want to know how to install? I'm
> confused :)

It's probably worth stating that trying the daily builds under
linux is best done from a terminal window (a command line session).
It's possible to do with with a graphical file manager, but is easier
from the command line.  On linux, daily build don't need to be installed
so there will be no menu entry or desktop launch icon.

1. Download the daily build to some place in your home directory (or even /var/tmp)
2. make a new, clean temporary directory for the daily build
3. cd into that directory and use tar to unpack the daily build there.
4. Run the daily build by typing ./chirpw.  The ./ is important to run
the chirpw in the current directory and not a previous version that got
installed on the system in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin

Hope this helps,

> The daily builds are complete. Just extract the tar.gz, which will
> create a versioned directory as a result. Go in there and run chirpw
> manually, or do the normal install process as you would with any release.
> I would recommend not installing the daily builds into your system, just
> because python's distutils doesn't make it easy to uninstall things, and
> since the daily builds could change so much day to day.
> It's pretty easy to just run chirpw from within the daily directory that
> the tarball extraction creates.

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