[chirp_users] Please help me program my radio

Robert Terzi rct at r-t.org
Tue Feb 21 14:49:58 PST 2012


Welcome to the hobby of radio.  The wouxun USB serial cable has a prolific chip
which is pretty common.  Unfortunately I'm not a mac user so I can't help with
mac specifics.  I suggest trying the driver from Prolific's site. It's for
10.6 and 10.7


There is a possibility that driver won't work with the wouxun cable, there
are some clones of the prolific chip which are slightly different.

An alternative is to get the wouxun cable with a DB-9, and get a USB serial
adapter that is known to work well with Macs, usually one that has an FTDI

Once you have the driver loaded on your mac and recognizing the cable,
you can use chirp to program the radio.  There are several versions of the
Wouxun radio, KG-UVD1(P), KG-UV2D, KG-UV3D.  These are essentially the same.

There is a newer radio KG-UV6D, which has 199 memories instead of 128
that the 1,2,3 models have.  At this time I believe chirp can only program
the earlier models.

A few suggestions since you are new to radio & the wouxun:

- There is a wouxun Yahoo group which has lots of wouxun specific traffic
   You might want to join the group and check the message archive for mac
   related info as well as other new info.


- I suggest reading Buddy Brannan's "Eye's Free Guide to operating the Wouxun KG-UVD1P"


   It was originally written to help visually impaired operators use the wouxun, but it
   is the best introduction to the Wouxun HT that I've seen, so far.  It answers many of
   the frequently asked questions that come up over and over.  Since it's written
   for people without eye sight, it has no diagrams, just good explanations.

   I believe Buddy and other have posted some audio podcasts and/or youtube video walk
   throughs of using and programming the radio.

- If you are looking to use the radio with ham radio FM repeaters and that is new for
   you, I suggest looking for some tutorials that explain the details of transmit
   offset, CTCSS/PL squelch tones, etc as you'll need to get all of those details
   programmed correctly to use repeaters.  Here are two that I've found.

   * New Ham's guide to repeaters:

   * About 2 Meters, Info for new hams, (shorter, more direct, less overall info)

Hope This Helps,

On 2/21/2012 1:41 PM, Judy wrote:
> I'm brand new to radio, just bought a Wouxun Dual band 2M/440 or 2M/220, and need help programming it. I have a Mac, but no cable. Wouxun says they don't know about Macs, but their cable requires a driver. They suggested I find a prolific USB driver somewhere, or ask CHIRP for help.
> I had found you through the downloadable programming tool on the Oro Valley Amateur Radio club. But you say my radio can be programmed with a little extra effort. What kind of extra effort? And should I buy the Wouxun cable that needs a driver? Does your CHIRP programming tool contain a driver for an iMac?
> Or is there someone who has this who would be willing to help me through his/her PC or mac?

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