[chirp_users] Alinco DR-135T Reset

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Tue Feb 21 14:02:51 PST 2012

> It was done with the Alinco DOS software, I can send you a copy if you
> need it to open the files, I tried opening the saves in Notepad, and
> it's gobbledygook. I've attached both save files, only difference is one
> has the channel setting, one frequency. Really appreciate any help you
> can give, if I hadn't lost my serial cable I'd probably be OK. CHIRP is
> much easier to enter data into than the DOS program!

Okay, well, adding support to chirp to manipulate that function is a can
of worms, but if you download your radio and send me a .img file, I can
try tweaking the bits to change the mode and send it back to you for

> Also, did you ever get a Quansheng handheld for testing/programming? Bob
> Chimel said he was going to send you one, several of us bought radios
> from him last summer and they're great, but it seems no one but me can
> use the software that came with them.

Nope, haven't heard anything about that.

Dan Smith

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