[chirp_users] Please help me program my radio

Judy judyaz at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 21 10:41:46 PST 2012

   I'm brand new to radio, just bought a Wouxun Dual band 2M/440 or 2M/220, and need help programming it.  I have a Mac, but no cable. Wouxun says they don't know about Macs, but their cable requires a driver.  They suggested I find a prolific USB driver somewhere, or ask CHIRP for help.
I had found you through the downloadable programming tool on the Oro Valley Amateur Radio club. But you say my radio can be programmed with a little extra effort. What kind of extra effort? And should I buy the Wouxun cable that needs a driver? Does your CHIRP programming tool contain a driver for an iMac?  
Or is there someone who has this who would be willing to help me through his/her PC or mac? 

Thanks a whole lot.

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