[chirp_users] Chirp not identifying Kenwood TM-V71

Dale Mosby dale at archcape.com
Fri Feb 10 12:44:33 PST 2012

I saw modem-manager do a few open/close cycles on USB0.
Did seem to end up in the "closed"state. Also did not find anything
with Google telling me that it was causing serious problems trying
to use a USB device. I did try the "service stop" method of disabling
while I had the laptop out in the truck. A bit of investigation when I
returned to the house indicated that modem-manager wasn't really a
typical service but somehow related to dbus which is why the "service stop"
did not terminate it. I haven't had time to look into this further.

The cable I have is from Kenwood, "KPG-46U". This has a standard USB
connector on one end and an 8 pin modular connector on the other (RJ45
is the designation I think). The box says "interface cable (USB)".

The radio has two potential places that would accept the RJ45. One is the
microphone connector the other is the connection for the front panel.
The instruction sheet that came with the came is quite "unhelpful" by
  "Connect one of the KPG-22U/36U/43U/46U USB connectors to the USB port
  of the computer, and the other connector to the transceiver."

They do not say *where* to connect it. I tried a bit of Google searching
with no
luck and didn't want to see any smoke escape from this new radio so I gave
the Ham Radio Outlet store where I purchased all this a call. They said to
connect the cable to the microphone port. So that is what I have been doing.

Is this cable actually what is used to program the radio?
If so, where does it connect?
If not, WTF is the cable for and why did HRO sell me the cable?

Thanks for your assistance. And thanks for the software - useful so far with
the Wouxun and I'm sure before long for the Kenwood as well. 73, Dale
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